1 December 2009

The art of creating a face for RPG character (Dragon Age style)

Step 1: Imagine a face you want to make. In this case, something resembling a drow, a dark elf from D&D universe with ebon skin and white hair.

Step 2: Spend hours pushing sliders back and forth and damn the limited options available.

Step 3: Fail miserably.

Step 4: Begin to see that while the face you made is nothing like you wanted, it looks rather good.

Step 5: To complete your creation, crank the skin and the hair color to the opposite directions.

Step 6: Gasp at realizing the thing you created is a spitting image of your lovely dark jedi you played Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic with. (Taking into account the hardware has got better, she looks in fact a whole lot better now.)

Step 7: Enjoy and start adventuring with your city elf rogue (or whatever you created)!

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i enjoy video games.