23 December 2009

Demo peek: Dante's Inferno (PS3, Xbox 360)

There was a time, decades ago, when Electronic Arts (acronym at the time 'EOA') was a synonym for a great game. EA today, well, that's a different story. It could be argued the downfall begun with the omission of 'O' from the acronym. The journey from greatness to crapness is worth of an entry of its own so lets leave it at that for the time being. One Mirror's Edge can't save the company from being nothing else than one big turd factory. As for the latest offer from EA we have a game with a magnificent title, Dante's Inferno. And magnificent it is - in being the worst, most horrid excuse for a game like forever (really, at this moment I can't remember a game more appalling than it). Nothing at all to do with the source material the name was stolen from, Dante's Inferno is a dumb, moronic run-of-the-mill 3rd person hack'n slash with completely unimaginative gameplay. You have seen similar games many, many times in the past but even the worst of them is better than this.

The audiovisual department is equally of poor standard. Flat backdrops with no sense of 3D, blocky textures, bad character models and ropey animation, not to mention music and sound effects which were probably borrowed from some generic sound library CD the developers found from a bargain bin of some cheap-o-market. To call Dante's Inferno a game is like calling a piece of shit a hand-made Swiss chocolate. Download the demo today and be amazed at its total awesomeness of utter incompetence. I really don't believe the full game would be better than the demo. Quite the contrary, it just offers more of the same lacklustre wasteland of a game. We can only hope Dante's Inferno sets an example. The example how not to make a game.

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