17 December 2009

Halo: Bleuch

I feel sorry for Microsoft. Sorry for giving statements like how Halo: Reach will be the game of 2010 and all they have to back up this preposterous bold statement is a downloadable "premium trailer". You can never judge book by its cover or game by its trailer but the trailer for Halo: Reach is really, and I mean really uninspiring by all imaginable counts.

Tired music, flat graphics, dull editing, mediocre character models and nothing really exciting happening. Heck, nothing at all happening! All you get is few 'spartans' hanging around (wearing armors which look like made out of foam with no feeling of weight). The trailer feels like some Halo spoof, showing how spartans idle between the missions. I was already half-expecting a spartan in his underwear in the middle of night fetching a bottle of milk from the fridge - wearing his trademark helmet, of course. Maybe pink helmet. Because she might be a girl. Yes, we can see from the trailer there are girl spartans too - who put their helmets on after the mission briefing, so that we can see they are girls.

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