18 December 2009

Rare Velvet Assassin Cover

Subscribers of a Finnish games magazine Pelit got this cover for their August issue. Much better than the retail cover which featured some hyped-up no-good big-@$$ game, I don't even remember what it was. Oh no no. I'm not a subscriber of Pelit magazine. I got this issue from a second-hand bookstore.
Probably the only cover the game got

Anyway, kudos for the reviewer mr. Niko Nirvi for giving Velvet Assassin a fair review, 80/100. It's okay by an objective viewpoint. The game has its shortcomings (mostly in the form of zombie-like acting enemies) while otherwise being a thoroughly entertaining and exciting stealth affair deep behind the enemy lines during World War II, player assuming the role of Violette Summers, an attractive, cunning and totally lethal English spy (not forgetting her sexy voice - without being intentionally sassy). From the subjective point of view I would have given the game a couple of points more, given the fact not many have heard of Velvet Assassin, even less who have bought it and out of those few most probably dissed the game for demanding too much patience. "You should be running with guns blazing!" Fools!
Deep behind the enemy lines, a confontration...

So, please do yourself a favor. Velvet Assassin can be found most probably from bargains bins by now, for PC and Xbox 360. Grab a copy, appreciate the narration, unique atmosphere and stylish execution. And executions...

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