7 December 2009

Revenge of the Revenge of the Mutant Camels

A while ago me and my friend were remembering the old days. Old days of gaming, that is, and she recalled Jeff Minter and his obsession with camels and other animals of the same ilk. Come next weekend and a country sale hits the parking lot of the nearby supermarket. Hidden in the far corner behind booths filled with (over-priced) foods, candies, countryside goods, trinkets, clothes and whatnot were also a jumble sale. And what do I find from there? A more than a handful of Commdore 64 games on tape, among them... Revenge of the Mutant Camels! It was one of those moments you think life's but a Truman show.

Well, the common sense took over and I noted it as a funny coincidence. And a very lucky one too, given the fact mr. Minter was running a small family company with his mother so the number of copies produced were very limited and how many of them actually found their way to the shores of Finland? The game was almost in mint condition and worked perfectly when loaded. A zany shoot'em-up on acid, with hardware tricks and other clever bits for its age. Oh, and look at the description of the game on the back cover! A work of genius! And I'm not kidding.

I was happy to find out Jeff Minter is still in the business and makes games for XBox Live Arcade!

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