21 February 2010

Mass Effect 2 again

I'm absolutely not biased to Mass Effect 2. I give it only the recognition it deserves since The Game of the Year is already here. It would need one hell of a game to steal that honor from ME2 and quite frankly I don't see it happening. Improved over its predecessor in all aspects and then some, the game just keeps getting better and better the further Shepard dwells into the dire situation needing to be resolved. None of the facets the game excels in are underlined or emphasized, like 'see how great graphics we have' or 'see how good playability we have' or 'see how the role-playing is woven into the context'. Bioware hasn't had to point finger at anything in particular as everything just works seamlessly together for a greater goal. Stylish, smooth and sexy, Mass Effect 2 is pure gaming excellence.
 Lightning is great. Not that Lightning. Who cares about FFXIII anymore anyway.
You know, I'm Xbox exclusive (PC doesn't count).
Friend, would you believe it by my eyes?
They offered plastic surgery to get rid of these scars but I declined. They give that extra edge!
Oh, Jacob...

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