26 February 2010

Mission accomplished!

Phew! Finally completed Mass Effect 2, the game clock counting at 54 hours 17 minutes. What can I say? I don't think I would go that far by saying it's the Best. Game. Ever. But it sure is the best game of the current generation of consoles. Heck, it's the best game of 21st century, topping my previous favourite Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, also by Bioware. The premise, the execution, the playability and most importantly, understanding what is a computer role-playing game. It's not about rolling dices behind the curtain, putting points into endless statistics or fiddling with gazillion things in an inventory but the choices you are allowed to make, making you really be the character.

The ending, the last mission and the conclusion of it, were quite a blast, both metaphorically and literally. I lost only one crew member in the process, which is pretty good considering the hellhole waiting for Shepard and her crew. I have read more losses are possible so I think I chose... wisely during the course of the event.

The game left questions unanswered, giving fodder for debate and discussion, which is only a good thing. The game that chews everything for you isn't rewarding.

Oh, and Jennifer Hale's performance as commander Shepard. Delivered sometimes wry, sometimes laconic, but always up to the situation, no matter how screwed up or desperate it is. I would hand her an academy award, no mistaking it. (I can't say a thing in favor or against male Shepard's voice because my girl Shepard is the only Shepard for me.)

 A friend or foe? Or both?
About time, indeed. Upstuck military persons...
I wonder what happened to my skin and eye condition from the previous entry? They were just gone after a visit to the Reaper vessel. Hmm...

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