9 February 2010

Shepard again

More of my Shepard just for fun. As I don't have systems wired up to record game footage, I have had to use only a simple digital camera. It's not very good for capturing just the right frame. There are so many gorgeous cutscenes in Mass Effect 2 I would have liked to store... Maybe I rig up my Xbox through an old VCR! Ha!

[edit] I actually rigged my Xbox through VCR/DVD hybrid recoder, putting Xbox as an external video source so in theory I could record game footage! Wohoo! Well, in practice... the recorded footage was all wobbly and jumpy. Must figure a way to correct it as it would be awesome to record Mass Effect 2 playing diary to DVD!

I may look cute but actually I'm shaping up to be a renegade...
Please, don't take pictures from my bad side!
Yes, these are the biggest, most stuck out ears available.
Ah... Omega, what a beautiful shithole!

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