7 August 2010

Demo peek: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

I can imagine the game design meeting at Io Interactive headquarters (translated from Danish):

Guy #1: It's no use. The graphic engine is ugly and choppy and the playability is sloppy.
Guy #2: (Chuckles) Sounds like a bad Youtube video to me!
The Lead Designer: - Wait a minute... That's just it! A bad Youtube video!
Guy #1: - You mean...
Guy #2: - We mask it as a bad Youtube video? And get away with a stunt like that?
The Lead Designer: - Don't use so negative words such as 'mask'. It's called style!

The Lead Designer (walking away from the meeting room): - Where do I get these grand ideas? Man, I'm so good!

I think it sums Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days best up my friend played the demo for five seconds and that was enough for him. Poor me endured the whole demo through... Five seconds is all this game deserves.

Aaaaarf! Urgggh!

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