30 May 2010

Velvet Heart

There are alternative movies, alternative music and then there are alternative games. But unlike music and movies, alternative games never get the attention, recognition or appreciaton of the games public and media they would deserve. Little-known German game Velvet Assassin, published last summer for Xbox 360 and PC, is such a game.

I bought the game upon its release, played it vigorously but didn't complete it until last weekend. I had savoured the last parts, like a good wine waiting to be uncorked. All because it's such a classy game and after finally playing it through, I can heartily say it was a great experience, thought-provoking and intense. Velvet Assassin is unlike any other stealth action game. Highly stylized and perfectly functional within given environment, the escapades of British spy Violette Summer in the heart of World War II behind the enemy lines create an emotional impact.

There's not a single joke, no humor, no laughter, no half-witty one-liners. As Violette voices out during the last mission, barefoot amidst havoc of a burning French village, "This is not war... this is madness" (and no, it's not a sad remark towards Spartans...), Velvet Assassin stands up to make a point, and that becomes even more important than gameplay mechanics or aesthetic values, both the areas the game admittedly shines at. Poignant as Violette's knife, Velvet Assassin is the strongest game made out of World War II, exposing the terror of an insane war. From now on, I despise even more those games (like one well-known and way too popular franchise) which turn the war shamelessly into a thoughtless entertainment. 
Beautiful but lethal
Dressing up to kill
In the garden of evil

3 May 2010

Renegade Shep

Long time since the last update but what's better than post yet again pictures of my lovely renegade Shep from a second playthrough! She may be tough but she surely has a softer and sadder side to her as I more roleplayed her than tried to maximize the renegade bar. Hopefully the next time I manage to write something about Super Street Fighter IV (and especially about Juri, phwoar!) but I need more experience online with it to dig deeper.