18 September 2010

Halo: Reach, it's a bitch!

I loved the first Halo, had mixed feelings about the sequel (read: loved and hated it), didn't like Halo 3, skipped Halo: ODST and fiddled a bit with Halo Wars before getting bored with it. With this history, I really didn't have great expectations about Halo: Reach.

I got a chance to play Halo: Reach when a friend bought it and took it with him when visiting over. Well, let's give it a shot then.

Familiar guns, familiar enemies, familiar settings, familiar everything, yet... it manages to feel so fresh! And the playability! You just pick up your controller and Noble Six is ready to go (and before you ask, yes, I chose a female soldier). I wish every FPS had as intuitive and smooth controls which get embedded into your spine, making them your second nature.

Picture this; with great effort, I had taken out an energy sword wielding elite in a dimly lit platform, by strafing backwards and shooting at the white of his eyes. But it wasn't over. There was another one waiting nearby and I had almost no ammo left. There was no point in shooting him from the long range as his shields would have keep regenerating and I would run out of ammo. I picked up the energy blade from the first elite, equipped it, and started running towards the other one. I think I shouted it aloud; "It's you or me, baby!". And then one-shotted him with my energy blade.

It's the moments like these which sell the game. 'Nuff said.

You have bought Halo: Reach already, haven't you?
You don't have Xbox 360?! Then buy one to play Halo: Reach with!