10 January 2011

The Game of the Decade Past

A new decade and games are getting better and better, aren't they? Er... not exactly. For every Mass Effect, there are dozens of lacklustre rehashes of safe and sound so-called hits. "Hey, you said Mass Effect! Then Mass Effect 2 surely must be the game of the past decade (2000-2010, that is), given how much you have babbled about it here!". Close, but no cigar. Bioware is the developer of the decade for sure. No one can beat their track record, including classics like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, Dragon Age and of course, both Mass Effects. "Okay then... but the game of the decade must still exist on the current generation of consoles anyway?". Nope. In fact, that game was released as far back as 2001 on PS2 and that game is...

Bare. Unpretentious. Beautiful. Enchanting. Ico broke the boundaries between art and games, a feat no game has surpassed. Ico created an emotional sounding board, born from an unlikely friendship. The game doesn't tell why this outcast kid with horns was thrown into a castle of mist simply to die. Nor does it tell why there is an imprisoned girl, all stone-white and delicate. When they meet, the game turns from what could have easily been just one of the many have-seen-it-all 3D-adventures of the time into a tale of untouched beauty, where no words are needed, and the little speech there is in an imaginary language. There's no romance, no kisses. Just the boy and the girl, these kids, unselfishly helping each other to escape. And there is no love greater than that. Presented in an ethereal lighting and music, the ruined castle and its immediate surroundings is the only world they know, with shadowy creatures on their heels and the puzzles the haunting place presents in every step on their way out.

And when the game ends, it's all up to you to decide what happened. Did they survive? Did they die? I can't tell anything more because there are tons of people who missed this gem and who has yet to answer the question themselves. Soon there is no excuse to overlook the game anymore, at least for PS3 owners, as an HD-remake along with Shadow of the Colossus, also made by Team ICO, will be released this year on PS3.

 pictures scanned from the European release game box and postcards within


Jellyfish Opera said...

I sadly, did not have a chance to play ICO, I did play Colossus though and loved it. The HD remake should be something biblical.

Also about that Xbox gadget:


You should be able to find it there, if you don't though I can just send you the code if that is easier for you.

Shunichiro said...

I was in EU version of that site, browsed every nook and corner of it, but couldn't find the gadget/code. I noticed some options are open only for Gold membership though, and maybe it's under those options. I'm only Silver atm (that's why I have PS3 too, to play games online for free, hehe).

But maybe you could send the code, and I see what happens when I switch the gamertag!

Jellyfish Opera said...

Haha yeah it would be nice if Microsoft had a free online policy as well, but eh that's business right?

And I emailed it to you! Hope it works! If it asked you to put your gamertag in again I'm not sure you have too, but just incase it doesn't work try not putting it there.