22 April 2011

Arrival of the Third Kind, if it wasn't for Shebby...

 Another excuse to post a picture of MY Shepard

Supposedly the final extra mission for illustrious Mass Effect 2, Arrival, before the, er... arrival of Mass Effect 3, may not be as essential as Kasumi's Stolen Memory (Kasumiiiiii, the best squad member ever!) or as exciting and cool as Shadow Broker (mission with alien hon Lliara, phwoar!) but still it gives plenty of twists and escapades for commander Shepard and proofs that wherever she goes, she finds herself in more than shitty situations. Not to mention there are a couple of juicy renegade actions to be made. Embrace the Dark Side! So in a retrospect Arrival should be considered as an essential purchase for any true ME2 afficiendo. And now we shall wait for the final part of what should be the best trilogy ever - in any entertainment media!


Jellyfish Opera said...

I love the ending and how it really sets up for Mass Effect 3, I'm dying to see how Shepard will answer for her/his crimes. Plus the little chit chat with Harbinger was of course always nice. Haha I do love my homicidal machines.

I'm still waiting for my Dragon Age 2 review haha, I'm interested to see what kind of character you create in that, Dragon Age 2 was quite brilliant I must say.

Shunichiro said...

That review has to wait as I still haven't had a chance to get DA2. Yes, I have heard it's very good and I played the demo through on Xbox, PS3 and PC. I will most probably make a rogue girl specializing in dual-wield, as I did in the demo. Too bad the demo didn't have the character creator so I could have pre-dabbled together a face I'd like to see.