11 May 2011

Da-da-dam Dragon Age II

Finally got Dragon Age II! It hit a sale in one on-line store and after two agonizing weeks of waiting for it to arrive at my doorstep, I got my chance to make my very own Champion. As always in CRPGs, I picked up a rogue (even in Mass Effect 2 I chose an infiltrator as it's closest to a rogue the game allows) and after one hour of tinkering her looks, I was ready to go!

I have read stories how Hawke's siblings' appearances change based on a face you create, and how you have to re-create your character several times just because Bethany or Carver look too horrible to look at. Again I tried to create an Asian face for my character and apparently I was lucky as both Bethany and Carver (and the mother) look Asian too. Bethany even came up sooo cute! Hawke doesn't look exactly what I tried to create but she turned out nice enough to carry on with her.

Bioware states they borrowed the ideas both for the game and the appearance of it from numerous sources to make it easy to familiarize with. I'm only in the beginning of the game, just after completing Bethany's "Birthrights" quest, but so far, everything in its wretchedness reminds me of some of the best Roy Thomas/John Buscema's Savage Sword of Conan comic books. If that's what Bioware was after, then I raise my proverbial hat off to them, making it the best Conan game without Conan in it and with me playing a female character! Kirkwall is just so something Conan and his random companions could end up in on their adventures!

The tone of the game is very different from the first game. For starters, everything's streamlined, from action to interface and from inventory to quests, much like how ME2 was streamlined from ME1. And then the appearance. I almost can imagine how late John Buscema would have drawn the scenes and the characters. Oh, the bliss...

Of course, Dragon Age II is not up to ME2 standards but nevertheless, I'm loving it so far! Let's see how it fares further still... I'll keep you posted!

Great drama from the beginning.

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