21 May 2011

Deeper in DAII

In Act 2 in Dragon Age II at the moment. I can't but wonder all the bad rep the game has gotten. So far it feels like Bioware's third best title after masterful Mass Effect 2 and stellar Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, just poking Jade Empire to the fourth place.

For starters, rogue class is actually fun to play now; effective, intense and deadly. And what's more important, NPC AI is significantly improved over Dragon Age. No need to patronize them any more so you can concentrate on the essentials, that is, in my case, being an effective, intense and deadly rogue.

Each and everyone of Hawke's companions is an interesting and intriguing person, no one is a kind you'd rather kick out than choose to your party. You actually feel bad to leave some good guys and gals out when you venture forth with what is in your books "an optimal party". And juggling between friendships and rivalries is engrossing this time around.

And Hawke talks! Yes, that makes more dynamic cut scenes and narration, and gives so much more emotion to the choices you are to make along the way. And Hawke's voice actress isn't that bad as I initially thought based on the demo. That's because demo-Hawke didn't have the face I would have liked! So in a bizarre way the face I made and the voice create my very own and only Hawke kind of feel. Sort of, yes?

If something completely disastrous doesn't happen towards the later parts, I think the Game of the Year is already here. I think I said something similar about ME2 over a year ago...

Ser Isaac's armor and an old friend. Or is it foe...?
 I like what I made out of my Hawke. Both out and inside.
You know, Merrill is like Winona Ryder of the Dalish <3
 Feelings in the play...
...and further so.

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