26 May 2011

Dragon Age II. A True Champion.

A champion has risen! Defeated an officer gone mad and plethora of other fiends along the way. And fled Kirkwall with her lover. That is to say, I finished Dragon Age II! What a ride! What an emotional ride! I think I shed a couple of tears when confronting my companions before the end. Especially with my character's love, who I forgave for his... erm, admittedly enormous crime. The last game moving me into tears was ICO, mind you. And that, getting you all emotional, is a high complinent for a video game. Bioware, please, if you are ever to do Dragon Age III, don't change anything from this one. Don't listen to any false critic the game has gotten! People who has spat that shit don't know... well, a shit! I just love DA2. It's a beautiful, beautiful, engrossing, intense game, and just goes on to show there are still games that matter. Really does matter. Games that aren't of mindless violence, easy entertainment or any other superficial and shallow values. So, really, Dragon Age II IS The Game of The Year. Period. (Mass Effect 3 was pushed to the next year ;)

Anders, we melee get blood all over our faces and you... you have blue crackles?
TaoTao Hawke is caring and tactful, but unforgiven when called for.
The armour changes all the time. Here, in this shot, just a regular wear, in the end, mostly epic (in WoW terms)
Oh sweet, sweet Merrill, don't dabble with blood magic. Oh, you already have?
My Champion. My beautiful and determined champion.

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