25 November 2011

"Your Xbox can't recognize this disc"

Bored with so-called hype games the big game companies pour onto the shelves for the end of year season, we dug up old Xbox, dusted it off and hooked it up to the TV. After all, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II was left unfinished few years ago so what would be better time to continue it! Hurrah!

Alas, that was what we got, attempt after attempt...

We know the first generation models with Thomson DVD drives have compability issues with later games, but that couldn't be the reason as the game worked perfectly years ago. As did all the other games which didn't load up now. About 50% of the games that used to work without a hitch didn't work anymore. And yes, all discs were clean with absolutely no scratches or dust.

So we figured the disc drive must be dirty. We bought pure alcohol from pharmacy (remember kids, that's something not to consume or inhale, in fact a very good ventilation and even a face mask when using the stuff is strongly recommended) and a couple of "jeweller's screwdrivers" as we knew there would be such screws to, er, unscrew outside and inside the machine. I watched from sidelines and let my brother to do the job, heh. After getting to the heart of the DVD drive, he carefully cleaned both the lens and the reflective mirror with q-tip dipped in the alcohol and then let them dry for a while. After that all pieces back together.

The good news: he didn't kill Xbox. It's working.

The bad news:

Those games still don't load so we assume it must be some mechanical stress on the DVD drive. Sigh. So all we can do is watch jumble sales for a working, newer model of the first Xbox...

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