26 February 2012

Sasha Shepard

Since I'm not getting ME3 at launch, just to show my proverbial finger to EA for their stupid DLC policy, I have plenty of time playing the demo and tinkering my Shepard-to-be. This one is called Sasha Shepard, modeled after, er, a model called Sasha. Figures, eh? I think she looks quite right. Shame the demo doesn't give so much photo opportunities in form of different angles or lightning. What you see here are digi snaps from dialogue pauses and few caps of a video shot with a mobile.

1 comment:

NePaul Wilson said...

That's an interesting look, the side of her face might need to be brought out a bit or her cheeks really.

Yeah I can understand you not getting the game on release. It's sad to see Bioware finally hit the bottom, but I'm sure it will get worse. Doesn't matter though, I still believe Mass Effect 3 will be the greatest game ever made, and I'm happy that it will only be the pinkie toe of the games EA will butcher and not the whole foot. I can live with that.

Cheers to Mass Effect, best six years ever.