3 June 2012

Countdown to 100 - 91st: 7 Blades

Released early on PS2 time line by Konami, a 3rd-person action adventure 7 Blades has stood the test of time remarkably well. Based on a Japanese movie from early 90's, the game still looks good with a characteristic cast and plays well enough even though there's no free camera which nowadays is a must. There's a choice between two playable characters, a sword-wielding young man or a gun-toting girl who are on and off lovers in the game's story, told through numerous cut scenes which are often humorous (in that weird Japanese way). Voice overs are in Japanese only which adds its own quirky charm to the game and there are some truly psychedelic moments to witness. The game cost only a couple of bucks from a used-games shelf and was worth it.

The hero and the heroine
Teppo Yuri lets it rip

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