5 June 2012

Countdown to 100 - 92nd: SSX3

Now here's a rarity. Actually a fantastic EA in-house game from 2000's! SSX3 is a thrill; it looks good, plays great (better than Xbox and Gamecube versions because of PS2 controller's four shoulder buttons) and it has a fascination of speed (and heights!) lacking severely from the recent SSX on PS3 and Xbox 360. It's a great game in a every way that counts and still as great as upon its release, maybe even better because of lack of good snowboarding games in recent times. Oh, and Allegra is such a babe! Picked this up from a bargain bin of a supermarket and asking myself why didn't I buy it back in 2003.... (I had this for Xbox but didn't play much. I read about PS2 controls and cursed that damn Xbox controller!)

Let's hope she's a downloadable character for the recent SSX. It would be pity if the new generation of players didn't meet Allegra, the SSX lassie!

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