8 June 2012

Countdown to 100 - 93rd: NBA 2K12

2K sports killed EA's NBA Live series with the release of NBA 2K12. At least for a year as EA pulled back their effort for it being inferior to 2K's title. Having not played the game on PS3 or Xbox 360, I can't say how this PS2 version compares to them. Obviously it doesn't look that good (it doesn't look that good on PS2 standards either) but it plays good. There's no slowdown, framerate is steady and fast and the controlling is fluid. And there are more options to tweak than you can shake a stick at! (Couldn't resist writing that, a very British proverb, "shaking a stick at something".) This one from a bargain bin of a supermarket as well. A nice buy, worth of playing a two-player game of baskets now and then.

The game features also classic teams, like Michael Jordan-era Bulls.

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