4 September 2012

Countdown to 100 - 95th: Way of the Samurai 2

With the recent release of Way of the Samurai 4, the simulated life of a ronin continues again. The series originated back on PS2. I have never played the first game but I picked up the second in the series from an online auction for a fiver after reading some positive things about it. Sure enough, the game is a compelling one, taking you to a little town in medieval Japan where you are presented with moral questions in a form of different encounters. To draw your sword is often the last desired option but when it comes to it, Way of the Samurai 2 becomes a plausible fighting game as well. There are multiple ways to play the game through depending on how your acted upon encounters you met. Sounds good, doesn't it? No, it doesn't sound good as English voice acting is plain and simply terrible and there's no option to use the original Japanese voices. Spoken streeeeeetched in a   t o n e l e s s   language teaching manner for simpletons, the voice acting destroys almost all of the atmosphere the game has to offer.

You know, that sword tickles my nose...
I didn't want to do this... Yes, I did! Who am I kidding, eh?


NePaul Wilson said...

Tell me Jade Empire is somewhere on this list.

Shunichiro said...

As this is a "countdown to own total of 100 Playstation 2 games", Jade Empire won't be there as it was released only for the original Xbox and PC. Also, this isn't any top games list, only a list of the last ten PS2 games which will complete my 100 collected PS2 games and they are presented in the order I have acquired them (for example, #97 will be a real turkey!).

Speaking of Jade Empire, actually it was the game which was inside my Xbox 360 when it decided to call it quits... As my original Xbox is broken too, I can't play Jade Empire anymore! Unless I find the PC version from somewhere. It's a shame as Jade Empire is intriguing and different. Too pity it didn't get the attention it deserved as it was published so late in the original Xbox's lifespan.