18 September 2012

Countdown to 100 - 96th: Max Payne 2

A while ago I had a chance to play Max Payne 3. I loved both previous Max Paynes on PC in early 2000's. I wasn't expecting much of Max Payne 3 though because it wasn't made by Remedy anymore but by the publisher Rockstar themselves. Even my low expectations weren't met. The game was horrible in every possible count. It was aged, dull, ugly, cliched, horrible to play and lacked any atmosphere whatsoever. And it's exactly the unique atmosphere that lifted the first two Max Payne games head and shoulders above in its genre. After a week or so enduring this so-called Max's misadventure in Brazil, I had enough of it and returned it to the library.

A few days later I happened to find a used copy of Max Payne 2 for PS2 from a games store. I have a PC version but as I like to play with consoles more, I picked it up. Sure, PS2 version may have low resolution, drab textures and sometimes choppy framerate but it's still Max Payne 2, every bit as good as it was when it was released in 2003. And now that I had a fresh Max Payne 2 experience, Max Payne 3 felt even worse in comparison. It shouldn't even be called Max Payne. It should be called something like your-typical-Rockstar-hooray-for-violence-in-seen-it-all-played-it-before-Rockstar-world-of-empty-meanings-and-characterizations.

Max has seen better days... and those were the best days when the game counts!

Next the 97th game towards total 100 PS2 games in a collection... Remember, this isn't any "best games" list but merely a tale of what last ten games made that 100 complete!

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