21 September 2012

Countdown to 100 - 97th: Frank Herbert's Dune

I knew this game would be crap (I remember playing a demo on a magazine cover disc years ago) but there are three reasons why I picked this up from a second-hand book store: 1) it was very cheap so it 2) was an easy way to progress towards 100 PS2 games but still I wouldn't have gotten it if it wasn't 3) a Dune game. There are so much wrong in the game and nothing done right so better to sum it up it frankly; Frank Herbert's Dune the game is utter crap. It's hard to believe this 3rd person action adventure with stealth elements was released just a little prior to a game like Metal Gear Solid 2. It's sad to see once great French developer Cryo succumbed to this kind of poo. Indeed, soon after the release of Frank Herbert's Dune Cryo was closed down. Cryo was responsible for many great games, among them their first take on Dune in 1992 for PC and Amiga. I like to think this game holds at least some novelty value as I believe it's pretty hard to find it anymore. So, lucky me, eh?

Escape from the sand worm is the highlight of the game. Yes, it's sad as it's among the first sequences of the game!

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