18 October 2012

Countdown to 100 - 99-100th: Winning Eleven 5 & 6 (JP)

Okay, I cut corner to get 100 PS2 games by acquiring Winning Eleven 5 & 6 from an online auction. Known as Pro Evolution Soccer 1 & 2 in the western world, both games were familiar to me. I enjoyed PES1 years ago and was actually disappointed with the sequel as it didn't play as good as the original. When I later got hands on Pro Evolution Soccer 5, the ultimate in the soccer simulations even to this day, I traded my previous Pro Evos. Now I have them back and completed the real-life challenge of owning 100 PS2 games! Hurrah! But it didn't stop there. The PS2 game count is at 102 at the moment...

Winning Eleven games are official J-League products in Japan.