11 December 2012

Alpha flight

Finally Bioware's Mass Effect is a trilogy on a PS3 too. The game that started one of the greatest trips in science fiction in any media is now available either in Mass Effect Trilogy on the shelves or as a standalone digital download in PSN store for a price of measly fifteen bucks. A bargain of a lifetime!

I'm enjoying it all, the epic story, beautiful views, great Blade Runneresque soundtrack and my new Shepard who I'm going to take through the whole trilogy. Mind you, I would have replayed the first game eons ago if it wasn't for a heap of junk that my once lively Xbox is reduced to. So far PS3 conversion, handled by the capable hands of Edge of Reality, is perfect. Dare I say, it even feels better than the original.

Lisbeth Shepard goes straight to the point.
Reapers... who knew what a threat they possessed?
"I have baby blue eyes no matter how renegade I will turn out!"

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