15 May 2013

Back to basics

I hated Resident Evil 4. It turned the classic survival horror series into a crap shooter with horrible controls. Yea, I know. It's hailed by the critics and the gamers alike as one of the best videogames ever. But still I hated it with every fiber in my body. Resident Evil 5 was better. Well, at least it looked great and Sheva is one of the hottest video game femmes ever. It was a blast as a local co-op but I think it's pain in the backside as a single player game with the braindead AI controlling the partner. But as much as I enjoyed it a few years ago I'm afraid I wouldn't enjoy it anymore. That's why I haven't touched it ever since I completed it with my brother. Better to have good memories.

Resident Evil 6 was a hopeless case. The game didn't know what it was for its own good. Gears of War clone or whatever it fancied itself to be. A total mess, leaving even Capcom themselves admitting they didn't quite succeed with it. So we are left with the whole Resident Evil franchise hanging by a thread. There have been talks about even re-booting the series. But there might be hope on the horizon.

Resident Evil: Revelations was a success on Nintendo 3DS and now Capcom is ready to launch it for PS3, Xbox 360 and WiiU with touched-up graphics, new monsters and other whistles and bells. Capcom has laid everything on the success of it. If it sells well, Resident Evil franchise will march on. If not, it's a cold and unpleasant re-boot waiting for the once great survival horror games, wiping away the grand legacy the series hold.

Fuck! Could you, like, come back later? I need to find more bullets!

If there's justice in the world, Resident Evil: Revelations will sell truckloads and thus the series would survive, like its many protagonists have survived all these years everything Umbrella corporation has thrown at them. Because, judging by the demo, the game is a breath of fresh air into the stale genre, putting survival back to the horror and horror back to the survival once again.

The game is a mix of old-fashioned and modern, like playing old good Resident Evils with next generation controls and viewpoint. Character moves fluidly (it's a pleasure to watch Jill's, ahem, backside) and environments hold a eerie sense of suspense. It's not the greatest looking game this generation, not by a mile, but it just adds to the charm I had with it. And lo and behold, I even managed to run out of bullets but luckily the demo ended soon after that. You know, I don't remember that happenig with three last Resident Evils or in any other modern action game for that matter. The game brings back that sweaty tension of savouring every bullet you have. The clip is empty and there's bound to be a horrible monster around the corner...

Jill Valentine, a classic in a new skin. I approve!

I for one can't wait for the full game. Hopefully it will be keep me at the edge of the seat like the good old Resident Evil games used to. And Jill, albeit very different to her Resident Evil 5 appearance, looks very, very nice.

Survival in horror and horror in suvival. Nice!

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