27 November 2014

Bioware magic

So far Bioware hasn't let me down on my inquisitor's journey. Dragon Age: Inquisition plays, looks and most importantly, feels like Dragon Age should. Only it's bigger and better than before, not a small feat in itself as both previous Dragon Ages are the pinnacles of a fantasy-RPG genre. It's amazing how throughout a world Bioware has created in DA, with its history, culture, religion and society. They did the same with Mass Effect trilogy, a whole unique world with all the intrigued detail woven within.

It feels like I'm only in the beginning and already have some 20 hours before me and grand things have already happened. I'm sure there are plenty of twists and turns ahead, never leaving the player cold but always on the edge of the seat, anxious to see where the journey leads. I'm loving every minute of it.

23 November 2014

Cute freak

I sense a great adventure ahead... on PS3 too! Though Dragon Age: Inquisition looks great on new generation, it's not too shabby on previous gen either. The old hardware must be overloaded when taxing with all the complexity of the game. It's not just the graphics which must be crunched.

So far I'm loving my adventure with my cute freak Dalish elf dual-wielding rogue. As ye humble PS3 doesn't have the fancy screen capture feature of PS4, digital snapshots have to do to illustrate the inquisitor's journey.

Yes, she has red eyes, big nosferatu ears and humongous teeth sticking through her impropable fat lips but ain't she cute? In a freaky way. Like some sewer rat or vampire bat. Or both.