31 December 2014

Another inky

A second playthrough starts... This time with a human rogue archer. I'm surprised how flexible the character creator is. While not every face I tried to model succeeded but this one turned out quite nice, fashioned after a Chinese actress.

24 December 2014

Journey's end

After 117 hours and 36 minutes Corypheys bites the dust and the world can breath again. For a while at least as the change is brewing... Dragon Age: Inquisition is definitely the case of a journey being more important than the end as the final boss battle was too brief and easy and the resuming events a bit underwhelming. But hey, nothing's perfect, not even Dragon Age: Inquisition even though it adamantly should be the RPG to measure all the future RPGs against. Lost Planeteers' Game of the Year, definitely.

18 December 2014

Excerpt of an illustrated journal on inquisitor's path

Loving my adventure in Dragon Age: Inquisition more than in any other game in years! Here are some memories from my inquisitor's journey which is getting closer to the end, clocking at 96 hours at the moment. I reckon it will take some 20 more.