20 October 2015

The beautiful game

It's strange how this year the gaming media favors Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 over FIFA 16. They claim PES is the most realistic soccer game ever while FIFA is just yet another FIFA. Sorry but we beg to differ. In fact it's the other way around. In PES 16 all you need to do is through pass, sprint to the box and score. Simple as that. In this year's FIFA you have to grind for goals. It's a whole different ball game than previous incarnations. It's way more satisfactory when you need to work for your success. Of course the media favors spectacular goal fest while they more or less cunningly cover it with empty claims of realism.

FIFA 16 wins over PES also by including women's international teams. Female players aren't just re-skinned males either. They look, feel and play differently, thanks to unique mo-cap and realistic gameplay. Games with women teams are not as physical or fast-paced as men's but they are more tactical. And that's how we like our soccer.

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