14 November 2015

Keep the Faith

Xbox 360 backwards compatibility finally arrived to Xbox One and I was happy to see Mirror's Edge among the first batch of supported games. Having played it now extensively on Xbox One I can say two things: the compatibility works like a charm, absolutely no frame rate drops or other hiccups, and Mirror's Edge hasn't aged a bit. It's still the same stylish and smooth skill-based game. If you fumble, it's always your fault - even though you swear a lot and blame the controller for mishaps.

Mirror's Edge dates back to 2008. When the anticipated sequel (or the prequel as they call it) arrives the next May it's been almost an eight years a gap between the games. A lot has changed since in the gaming, too much to mention in fact but the one thing I'm after now is that the games have become more easy and accessible. The game companies might tell you it's because "the players demand more nowadays" or some other crap like that but in reality easy games equal more profits. No one buys a game with a reputation of being frustrating.

That's why I fear Mirror's Edge: Catalyst will also fall into an "easy and more accessible" category. My other concern is it might try too much, both in terms of visuals and game mechanics. The original succeeds because it's pretty much bare-bones. It does what it does and does it well. It doesn't reach for the skies nor it needs to. We have already seen flashy cut scenes and dazzling visuals of the prequel, with glaring lens flares and whatnot, but very little of the actual gameplay. And DICE pretty much hates Xbox One. Or is completely incompetent with it. And I have absolutely no desire to get PS4, like, ever.

Of course I hope I'm wrong and Mirror's Edge: Catalyst turns out to be the best game since, well, Mirror's Edge. It's a long wait until May. In the meantime we can always go back to Faith's original shoes and have a blast!

//Planeteer P

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