1 May 2016

Awkward Knight

I loaned Batman: Arkham Knight for Xbox One from the library so I decided to drop a few words about it. I have never been a fan of Rocksteady's critically-acclaimed Batman-series. I own both Asylum and City and have started playing them on several occasions but they haven't motivated me enough to spend any more time with them. I find them chunky and unintuitive to play.

Arkham Knight is no exception. It's clumsy, cumbersome and too somber for its own good. I get this feeling the game is playing me rather than I'm playing the game. The control scheme is overly complicated and indeed the game has to constantly remind of its functions on the screen, breaking any flow and immersion you wished for.

It's always raining in Gotham's eternal night.

Most of the time you really don't need to think about solutions to solve different situations as the game is always quick to tell you how to do it via showing necessary controls. You can turn off the hints but you can't turn off this HUD. Those occasions the batmobile is mandatorily called for get laughable proportions. Or how do you feel about platforming with the batmobile on rooftops? The same principle plagues the game throughout. It guides you by the hand and while you are seemingly free to roam, coining the game an open world experience can't hide its linear gameplay.

Batman: Arkham Knight further adamants the fact Arkham-series just isn't for me.

//Planeteer J

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