28 May 2016

"Let us now try and get our little grey cells to work..."

Based on a Agatha Christie's novel of the same name, The ABC Murders pits famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot against an apparent serial killer who challenges Poirot for a deadly game of wits. As often is the case with Christie's novels, nothing isn't quite as it first seems like and The ABC Murders the game holds your attention tightly all the way to the unmasking of the culprit. Intrigue details, interrogations, observations, puzzles and jogging your little grey cells are all there, if rather rudimentarily presented but still strangely engaging.

The ABC Murders is audiovisually lacking for sure, with rather naive character models and stiff animations constantly interrupted by loading screens and the voice acting won't win any awards but these type of games are all but vanished by now. In 90's, the heyday of adventure and mystery games, ABC Murders would perhaps have drowned in the sea of mediocrity but these days it's its mediocrity which actually is refreshening. Any cerebral gamer should at least give the game a chance and who knows, maybe you'll be spiritually redeemed and seek out for games of similar ilk instead of the next big-budget movie-wannabe.

Verdict: visually maybe lacking but cerebrally engaging whodunnit

//Planeteer J

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