13 July 2016

Is it really this boring in Boston?

I finally purchased Fallout 4 as I happened to find it from a bargain bin in a super market. I have had my doubts about it as every Bethesda RPG I have played have been so dire I haven't finished them, no matter how great they otherwise are.

I loved Fallout: New Vegas though, having completed it two times on different platforms. But it's not developed by Bethesda themselves but Obsidian Entertainment which practically is former Black Isle Studios, the creators of Fallout franchise. New Vegas brims their trademark black humor with absurd and crazy characters and situations. And lots of variety how to deal with the quests.

I have only played some hours of Fallout 4 but so far I haven't seen any humor, crazy characters, silly situations or variety in completing your tasks. I hope I'm proven wrong further along the way. I'll be back about the game later.

Meanwhile, meet Hannah, my character. I'm not using any mods as I want to have my achievements during my first playthrough.

After a quick tinkering of her features, Hannah was ready to step out.
Love the dirty black suit. It becomes her! Too bad the suit doesn't offer much in the way of protection.
10mm ammo is sparse so far. Too bad, I quite like this pistol more than any beam weapons.
I think Hannah won't join Brotherhood of Steel. They clash with her ideals.

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